A classic shakespearean comedy

Shakespeare's sonnets When English sonnets were introduced by Thomas Wyatt — in the early 16th century, his sonnets and those of his contemporary the Earl of Surrey were chiefly translations from the Italian of Petrarch and the French of Ronsard and others. Having previously circulated in manuscripts only, both poets' sonnets were first published in Richard Tottel 's Songes and Sonnetts, better known as Tottel's Miscellany It was, however, Sir Philip Sidney 's sequence Astrophel and Stella that started the English vogue for sonnet sequences.

A classic shakespearean comedy

A classic shakespearean comedy

Aristophanes, the towering giant of comedy, used every kind of humour from the slapstick through sexual jokes to satire and literary parody. The main theme was political and social satire. The highly contrived endings are the clue to what these plays, all very different, are about.

As usual there are two couples. One of the women is disguised as a man through most of the text — typical of Shakespearean comedy — but the other is in a very unpleasant situation — a young Jewess seduced away from her father by a shallow, rather dull young Christian.

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The play ends with the lovers all together, as usual, celebrating their love and the way things have turned out well for their group. It is almost like two plays — a comic structure with a personal tragedy embedded in it.

A classic shakespearean comedy

This is the use of the comic form to create something very deep and dark. As in The Merchant of Venice, his suffering is simply shrugged off in the highly contrived comic ending. Not one of these plays, no matter how full of life and love and laughter and joy, it may be, is without a darkness at its heart.

They all draw our attention to a range of human experience with all its sadness, joy, poignancy, tragedy, comedy, darkness, lightness, and its depths.The drama about conversion therapy is a showcase for the actor who excels at boy-next-door roles.

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MICHAEL GOODLIFFE: WARTIME SHAKESPEAREAN ACTOR AND PRODUCER. by Michael Goodliffe as "Hamlet" by Aubrey Davidson Houston. Introduction. About Four Comedies The Taming of the Shrew Robust and bawdy, The Taming of the Shrew captivates audiences with outrageous humor as Katharina, the shrew, engages in a contest of wills–and love–with her bridegroom, Petruchio, in a comedy of unmatched .

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