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Video of kgQecIzo96k About The Advancement Project is a public policy change organization rooted in the civil rights movement. It engineers large-scale systems change to remedy inequality, expand opportunity and open paths to upward mobility. Its goal is that members of all communities have the safety, opportunity and health they need to thrive.

Advancement project

In your book, you have this great paragraph where you condense all the lessons you learned as an undergraduate. What were the lessons you learned from law school? Maybe more of the same.

Maybe just confirmation of what I learned in college.

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So it was sort of counterintuitive in some ways. The thing about law school is it's very artificial. They used to apprentice to become a lawyer. I had some very good courses and very good professors. State and Local Government was very interesting because it was the first time I really understood power at different levels of government and first got an idea of how you manipulate those powers to get what you need for your client.

For social change, you really have to learn State and Local Government. Can you talk about that experience?

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Does any of this make you a pessimist? Not yet, not yet.

Advancement project

I guess I am basically a pessimistic optimist. It means it motivates me. I find it more motivating than depressing or anything. I have a very even level of feeling.

That comes from being very secure in knowing who I am and all those good things that people with good parents always have. It takes enormous stamina to work the way we did, to do David and Goliath everyday.

When I look back at how fearless I was back in those days, I am amazed. Fearlessness is different from courage. I just drove right in there and did whatever I had to do. There were times when I knew when I was in danger, especially with the gang stuff and some of the police stuff, and I was in shock over some of the threats, just for a second.

I should have been afraid in some circumstances. I think of the attributes I had, fearlessness is the [third] most important. You have a very vivid memory of your childhood, including heroes from that age such as Martin Luther King Jr.

I probably appreciate what they lost more, now that I am older and have been through my own wars. They gave up so much, much more than I did. I have to say that was a real kick, standing up there, seeing all those cops take notes from former gang members.

Perhaps seeing the gang intervention guys teaching at the police academy. They and I have created a gang academy, and they teach each other how to do gang intervention. That was very moving to me. LADP has changed enormously and is still in the process of changing.

I still have to do that work every day. I was just at the HQ yesterday to say goodbye to someone I did most of the reform work with. I saw all the guys we did the reforms with. They get promoted for showing how they avoided making arrests.

They get promoted for showing how they helped people. The work continues in some amazing ways. Education is worse than ever. What would be the goals if you became involved in the slavery issue?

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To end the epidemic, just like we worked to end the epidemic of gang violence. I want to end the epidemic of slavery in foster care children.

The education piece is focusing on early children ed.The Advancement Project is a liberal American nonprofit organization that focuses on racial justice issues. The organization opposes voter ID laws, supports automatic voting rights restoration for all felons, and seeks to reform public school disciplinary procedures which it believes disproportionately impact minority students.

The stated. A free inside look at Advancement Project salary trends. 17 salaries for 10 jobs at Advancement Project. Salaries posted anonymously by Advancement Project employees. Advancement Project is a national multi-racial civil rights organization.

Founded by a team of veteran civil rights lawyers in , Advancement Project was created to develop and inspire community-based solutions based on the same high quality legal analysis and public education campaigns that.

This page practitioner brief examines the work, education, and training patterns of single parents in the national Employment Retention and Advancement Project, which evaluated strategies to promote employment stability among low-income workers. Community Life Advancement Project CLAP is a Non Governmental Organization established in with the vision of creating Nigerian Communities where women, children and youth (especially the marginalized and disadvantaged) live a life free of Hunger, ill-health and HIV/AIDS.

A report from the Washington-based Advancement Project, called "Test, Punish and Push Out," makes a stark accusation: "The practice of pushing struggling students out of school to boost test scores has become quite common.

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