An analysis cardiovascular endurance

This is the system that kicks in third after the phosphogen and the glycogen lactic acid system, and so the one that supplies energy to the human circulatory system and the muscles over extended periods. Cardiovascular endurance is most useful for long distance sports; for marathon training, long distance running, jogging and swimming, however it will also be useful for everyone else and a lack of it will lead to individuals becoming quickly tired and out of breath. In a marathon, the person who comes first while allowing for injury or general poor technique will generally be the person with the best cardiovascular fitness.

An analysis cardiovascular endurance

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract [Purpose] Efficient management using exercise programs with various benefits should be provided by educational institutions for children in their growth phase.


We analyzed the heart rates of children during ski simulator exercise and the Harvard step test to evaluate the cardiopulmonary endurance by calculating their post-exercise recovery rate.

They performed each exercise for 3 minutes. The cardiorespiratory endurance was calculated using the Physical Efficiency Index formula. The normal weight and the ski-simulator group had higher Physical Efficiency Index levels.

Therefore, suitable physical activity in children and adolescents contributes to the development of their physique, strength, and balance. Many developed countries have national projects designed to An analysis cardiovascular endurance students to enhance their physical fitness, e.

An analysis cardiovascular endurance

The Physical Activity Promotion System PAPS is used for continuous management of the degrees of improvement in physical fitness and activities among elementary, middle, and high school students through systematic evaluation of their physical fitness as well as the recommendation of desirable physical activities to the students via their parents and teachers.

A cardiorespiratory endurance test includes stepping, running, and walking, and its evaluation results are classified into five grades using the heart rate to evaluate heart function 2.

The current study focuses only on the measured physical fitness levels and lacks follow-up management. Efficient management by exercise programs that provide various benefits should be offered to elementary school children.

In the recent years, studies have been conducted on exercise machines, such as the simulator, that are used to enhance the muscle strength and cardiorespiratory endurance, improve flexibility, and reduce body fat 34.

These exercises improve the balance and effectively reduce sports-related injuries 5. The ski simulator exercises in particular are designed to mimic snow surface repulsion; hence, they have the advantage of providing resistance. Such resistance exercises enhance the muscle mass and stimulate muscle strengthening, thus efficiently aligning the body parts and maintaining good posture.

In a study on the effects of simulator-based exercises on injury prevention, Lee et al. Due to continuous demand for research in this area, in this study, the heart rate was measured and analyzed after a ski simulator exercise and the Harvard step test.

These exercises have various effects that can be used to evaluate the cardiopulmonary endurance by calculating the post-exercise recovery rate.

The body mass index BMI analysis can provide useful information. Because simulator exercises improve the muscle strength and endurance, this study aimed to assess the exercise performance capacity improvements of elementary school students.

This study was approved by the ethics committee of the institutional review board of Pukyong National University. The specifications of the sample calculated by this analysis was 70 participants with a 0. This study was conducted after obtaining written informed consent of the participants and their parents and teachers.

The ski simulators Pro ski simulator; Slovenia were fixed onto a flat surface consisting of a platform on wheels that moved left and right on two bowed parallel metal rails.

An analysis cardiovascular endurance

Rubber belts fastened the platform to the rails and ensured that it regained its resting position in the middle of the apparatus. This study conducted the experiment with two elasticity strength levels. To ensure accuracy, sufficient time was given to each subject for practice, and then the actual skiing was performed for 3 minutes.

Each subject held a strap in each hand to maintain balance, and a low intensity ski simulator setting was used for the study. Each participant performed the Harvard step movements for 3 minutes and then rested in a chair for 3 minutes.

The height of the step box for Harvard step test was To ensure postural accuracy, each subject was given sufficient time to practice. A heart rate monitor and a stopwatch were used in this study, and cardiorespiratory endurance was calculated by the Physical Efficiency Index PEI formula described below.

Duration of the exercise s P:Feb 29,  · RESULTS. Using the aforementioned methods, the movement-dependent cardiorespiratory endurance factors of heart rate and PEI were calculated. There was a significant difference among the BMI based groups at 2 and 3 minutes when participants were exercising and at 6 minutes when they had cooled down.

You can improve cardiovascular endurance urance by doing 15 minutes of exercise in your target heart weight three times a week. Some of the exercise you can do include jogging, push ups and skipping rope.

Muscular strength, endurance, and Flexibility Tests of muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility have been combined into one broad Anatomical analysis and electromyographical documentation provide the .

Heart rate variability and stress analysis to enhance endurance. Article at a glance. The concept of heart rate variability is reviewed; The physiological and physical effects of fatigue and evidence for rest and recovery are presented and explained;.

Although, is moderation in thought of taking up endurance exercise for cardiovascular health. In order to provide an explanation, we would need to perform studies, include researched background information, and organization/analysis of the results.

Analysis of Rowing versus Box Step-ups on Cardiovascular Endurance Strength and Conditioning Bottom Line Up Front: I did a cardiovascular conditioning session this morning that I found particularly interesting after analyzing the results of .

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