An introduction to the post mastectomy breast reconstruction

Site designed by Blue Echo Studios Updated: May Types of Mastectomy Along with the type of breast reconstruction, the design and quality of the mastectomy is a major factor determining the aesthetic result of the reconstructed breast.

An introduction to the post mastectomy breast reconstruction

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Its surgical approach has become less and less mutilating in the last decades. However, the overall number of breast reconstructions has significantly increased lately. This article gives an overview over the various possibilities of breast reconstruction, including implant- and expander-based reconstruction, flap-based reconstruction vascularized autologous tissuethe combination of implant and flap, reconstruction using non-vascularized autologous fat, as well as refinement surgery after breast reconstruction.

One important modality of breast cancer therapy is surgical treatment, which has become increasingly less mutilating over the last century. William Halsted introduced radical mastectomy including resection of the breast and its underlying pectoralis major muscle in order to cure all stages of breast cancer at the end of the nineteenth century 2.

Approximately 40 years later, Patey described a less radical modified type of mastectomy with preservation of the pectoralis major muscle yielding comparable local control and overall survival compared to Halsted 3.

InFisher et al. Oncoplastic breast surgery, i. While surgical breast cancer treatment decreased in radicalness and invasiveness, breast cancer guidelines were defined, breast cancer screening programs were initiated, and breast centers offering an interdisciplinary and comprehensive therapeutical approach for breast cancer were established.

This resulted in an increased detection and treatment of predominantly early breast cancers with improved survival rates and consequently superior esthetic outcome. Though, the primary goal of BCT is to preserve shape and, to a lesser extent, size of the breast in order to best match the contralateral breast.

Thereby, one should take into account that postoperative radiotherapy may result in some extent of tissue shrinkage 8.

An introduction to the post mastectomy breast reconstruction

Although decreasing in number over the last two decades, the rate of mastectomy has again increased lately due to the detection of multifocal tumors, tumors with an extended in situ proportion that is difficult to delimit and due to an unfavorable breast-to-tumor size ratio in rather thin patients with small-to-intermediate sized breasts.

Furthermore, the awareness of the disease itself in the female population and the relatively frequent detection of a genetic predisposition to breast cancer i. Although BCT remains the absolute gold standard for surgical breast cancer treatment, many women must or wish to undergo mastectomy.

Consequently, reconstruction of the breast must be offered, particularly in young patients.

The Changing Face of Mastectomy (from Mutilation to Aid to Breast Reconstruction)

This article provides an overview of various reconstruction techniques of the female breast after both, breast cancer-related and prophylactic mastectomy. This article does not cover partial breast reconstruction after extensive breast conservative therapy.

Mastectomy Mastectomy aims at resecting as much breast tissue as possible, knowing that glandular tissue will almost always remain in the region of the inframammary fold Nowadays, basically two ways of mastectomy are performed, including skin-sparing mastectomy and total ablation of the breast.

Furthermore, biopsy scars and skin overlying a tumor or even infiltrated by the tumor are excised in order to reduce the risk of local recurrence Provided that the oncological indication is correct, skin-sparing mastectomy has been associated with equal oncological local safety and improved esthetic outcome compared to modified radical mastectomy Furthermore, the need for secondary surgery to adjust the contralateral breast in order to achieve symmetry is reduced after skin-sparing mastectomy, particularly if autologous reconstruction with flaps is used A Systematic Review of Complications of Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction with Pre-Reconstruction and Post-Reconstruction Radiation Therapy.

INTRODUCTION. Implant-based breast reconstruction continues to be the leading form of breast reconstruction in the United States. Rouannet P, et al. Immediate post-mastectomy breast. Introduction to Breast Reconstruction. What is Breast Reconstruction? Types of Mastectomy; Prophylactic Mastectomy; including congenital breast deformities.

Breast reconstruction makes many patients feel better about their appearance, however it is important to be realistic about the expected outcome. A reconstructed breast may not look. Introduction. Post-mastectomy radiotherapy is employed with the purpose of destroying cancer cells that remain after surgery.

Most women, who are submitted to mastectomy surgery, undergo breast reconstruction after that procedure and, when great resections are made without sufficient breast tissue to achieve the reconstruction, distant flaps or tissue expanders are used.

for post mastectomy primary breast reconstruction. The technique should be affordable to the large number of Introduction During the Halstedian era, which lasted for many years.

removing breast implants after reconstruction. About breast reconstruction can restore the form of a woman s breasts, and--not surprisingly--numerous studies demonstrate important emotional and psychological benefits for women who choose to have breast reconstruction after was dressed in a khaki uniform and medals and badges on his jacket .

Reconstructive Procedures; Breast Reconstruction Know Your Post-Mastectomy Options. Breast reconstruction is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast to near normal shape, appearance and size following mastectomy.

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