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The massive, red, venomous snake was looking right at me. I held my breath. I didn't move an inch. I remember thinking, "Why did I risk my life for this cup of tea?

Burning up

Reasons[ edit ] The British government, already at war with Napoleonic Franceadopted a defensive strategy against the United States when the Americans declared war in Reinforcements were held back from Canada and reliance was instead made on local militias and native allies to bolster the British Army in Canada.

However, after the defeat and exile of Napoleon Bonaparte in AprilBritain was able to use its now available troops and ships to prosecute its war with the United States.

In addition to reinforcements sent to Canada, the Earl of BathurstSecretary of State for War and the Coloniesdispatched an army brigade and additional naval vessels to Bermudafrom where a blockade of the US coast and even the occupation of some coastal islands had been overseen throughout the war.

It was decided to use these forces in raids along the Atlantic seaboard to draw American forces away from Canada. On June 25 he wrote to Burning up stressing that the defenses there were weak, and he felt that several major cities were vulnerable to attack.

On July 17, Cockburn recommended Washington as the target, because of the comparative ease of attacking the national capital and "the greater political effect likely to result". An added motive was retaliation for what Burning up saw as the "wanton destruction of private property along the north shores of Lake Erie" by American forces under Col.

You are hereby required and directed to destroy and lay waste such towns and districts as you may find assailable". Ross and Cockburn surveyed the torching of the President's Mansion, during which time a great storm arose unexpectedly out of the southeast.

They were confronted a number of times while on horseback by older women from around Washington City and elderly clergymen Southern Presbyterian and Southern Baptistwith women and children who had been hiding in homes and churches.

They requested protection from abuse and robbery by enlisted personnel from the British Expeditionary Forces whom they accused of having tried to ransack private homes and other buildings. Major-General Ross had two British soldiers put in chains for violation of his general order.

Throughout the events of that day, a severe storm blew into the city, worsening on the night of August 24, Events[ edit ] Burning of Washington August President James Madisonmembers of his government, and the military fled the city in the wake of the British victory at the Battle of Bladensburg.

They eventually found refuge for the night in Brookevillea small town in Montgomery County, Marylandwhich is known today as the United States Capital for a Day. President Madison spent the night in the house of Caleb Bentleya Quaker who lived and worked in Brookeville.

Bentley's house, known today as the Madison House, still stands in Brookeville. Blanshard reported that it seemed that the American President was so sure that the attacking force would be made prisoners that a handsome entertainment had been prepared.

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Blanshard and his sappers enjoyed the feast. Watercolor and ink depiction fromrestored. The Capitol was, according to some contemporary travelers, the only building in Washington "worthy to be noticed.

Upon arrival into the city via Maryland Avenue, the British targeted the Capitol first the southern wing, containing the House of Representatives, then the northern wing, containing the Senate. They set fire to the southern wing first.

The flames grew so quickly that the British were prevented from collecting enough wood to burn the stone walls completely. However, the Library of Congress's contents in the northern wing contributed to the flames on that side.

The House rotunda, the east lobby, the staircases, and Latrobe's famous Corn-Cob Columns in the Senate entrance hall all survived. After US government officials and President Madison fled the city, the First Lady Dolley Madison received a letter from her husband, urging her to be prepared to leave Washington at a moment's notice.

Madison escaped from the White House, she cut out from the frame the large portrait of Washington now in one of the parlors thereand carried it off. She had no time for doing it. It would have required a ladder to get it down.


All she carried off was the silver in her reticuleas the British were thought to be but a few squares off, and were expected any moment. InPresident Barack Obama held a ceremony at the White House to honor Jennings as a representative of his contributions to saving the Gilbert Stuart painting and other valuables.

The painting that was saved was a copy Stuart made of the painting, not the original, [29] although it is the same one on display in the East Room. They looked at the painting their relative helped save.

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Burning up
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