Causes n effect of human trafficking

Impact Impact of Human Trafficking on Victims Given the underground nature of trafficking, the consequences of trafficking are hidden and difficult to see. Trafficked persons often do not have unlimited access to basic necessities such as safety, food, sleep, hygiene, and medical care.

Causes n effect of human trafficking

Causes and effects of human trafficking 2. Which way one looks at it, apparently traffic or young African women and children to Europe and the Middle East for commercial sexual exploitation is a very great phenomenon. They are often lured by promises of steady employment as shopkeepers, housemaids, seamstress, nannies or hotel service positions and attendants in the major European countries and are eventually forced into prostitution on getting to the destination.

Many of these unfortunate victims of human trafficking in most of the cases may not be aware that they will be forced into commercial sex trade or their travel documents particularly passports will be seized or that would have to pay a very huge debt if they eventually renege have to pay and subject to brutal beatings and serious bodily harm if the income they bring to the their captives is inadequate.

Increased airport scrutiny of travel documents, in most cases, compelled the traffickers to take their human cargo through land borders. These devil-may-care felons normally initiate a safe-house throughout the region, moving them through the desert to Morocco or by vehicles to other parts of North Africa.

In some cases, they may be moved to Spain by fast boats. The unfortunate journey is brutal and can last for about two weeks while many of the irrational adventurers suffer untold hardship and at times die crudely in the desert or while clandestinely crossing the ocean.

The diabolical scenario normally starts this way. The recruiter, who is very popular and considered to be quite wealthy in the unfortunate area, usually approach a young girl or woman and tell very beautiful but incorrect stories of how money is very easy to earn in the developed countries.

Judging by the flamboyant life style of the predator, the victim, taking into account untold suffering of the people in the environment normally swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker. In some cases, the predators are friends or family members of the victims.

In some cases as well, parents who want a better life for their wards are accomplices and they pressurize their daughters into the illicit trade so as to repatriate the blood money, if there is any at all, to the family.

At the final destination, work does not come easy and if found at all, will be poorly remunerated because of the illegal nature of their stay in the countries of destination. Human trafficking - the 21st century slavery http: In many Asian countries, likewise in Israel, slaves were bought and used for various domestic and farm labor.

They attended to his mundane wishes, work in farms and depended solely on him for their livelihood. Africa, inhad a population of about million 20 per cent of the then existing world90m million in95 million in and million in Taking into account the high profitability of the illicit trade in which human beings were the fiscal wares, many crude methods were employed for the security of the diabolical ventures.

Cases were reported whereby houses in villages and hamlets were irrationally set ablaze in the middle of the nights just in order to catch hapless individuals including women and children for sale in open market like common household commodities.

The illicit trade was always a subject of many crude channels.

Causes n effect of human trafficking

European ships were chartered by the merchants to take manufactured goods to the coast of Africa and on reaching the destination, the commodities were exchanged for slaves who would be later taken to the West Indies and sold for huge profits. In this place, their merchants used their money to buy commodities like sugar, coffee and tobacco which would be later taken back to Europe.

Since the ultimate intention of the trade is to make huge profit, the ship captains loaded as much as healthy slaves for the lowest possible price. They normally had a system whereby the captains would bring a fewer number of slaves in their ships so that the chance of disease and death would be reduced to the barest minimum.

Today, it is quite apparent that hundreds of thousands of African men, women and children are forced by ever worsening environmental, economic and social circumstances into situations of labor and sexual exploitation both within and outside the continent every year.

African Charter Article #5

Right now, awareness of trafficking increases gradually because of the vigilance on vehicles conveying child laborers to markets and plantations in different places. In March for example, it was said that eight million Nigerian children undergo the worst forms of child labor serving as domestic servants, street beggars, hawkers, agricultural laborers and prostitutes.

Nigerian and Italian authorities estimate that there are from 10, to 15, Nigerian prostitutes in Italy alone.What Causes Trafficking? In a nutshell, there is a demand for it. Men around the world profit in pleasure and in price from the exploitation of women and children.

Poverty and global disparities in the rule of law are conditions in which human trafficking, like HIV/AIDS and other killers of the poor, thrives. The effects of trafficking vary depending on the type of trafficking and the specific situation.

Given that trafficking is based on the exploitation of individuals, all victims of trafficking may be subject to physical, psychological, and social impacts. CHILD TRAFFICKING IN NIGERIA: CAUSES, EFFECTS AND REMEDIES By OMOTERE ADUNOLA N.C.E., CHILD TRAFFICKING IN NIGERIA: CAUSES, EFFECTS AND REMEDIES ABSTRACT This study focuses on the causes, effects and remedies of Child incidents of human trafficking and forced labour particularly prevalent in Lagos (UNESCO, ).

Causes and Consequences of Human Trafficking in Haiti Throughout the globe, whether a country is highly developed or unstable, all countries must face the issue of humanitarian crisis.

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These misfortunes can be triggered by human action or can occur involuntarily. What causes human trafficking? Human trafficking varies from country to country, but it usually preys on vulnerable situations.

People in vulnerable and precarious situations are looking for a way out and in their desperation can fall prey to human traffickers. 5 Prevailing Causes of Human Trafficking Likened to modern slavery, human trafficking is driven mostly by similar motivations to those of slavery.

Causes n effect of human trafficking

The Department of Homeland Security defines human trafficking as the “illegal trade of humans for exploitation or commercial gain.”.

Human Trafficking: Definition, Prevalence, and Causes | City Vision University