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The programme was initiated by the MTN Ghana Foundation five years ago to honour individuals who are making extraordinary contributions to their communities in a sustained manner.

Global business reports company of heroes

Our intention with this feature was to give our community the tools they want in order to further expand upon the CoH2 universe, empower them to express their creativity directly within the game, and to encourage the further creation of exciting content for our franchise. Several people have come to us recently to either report questionable community mods or to seek more detailed direction regarding what they are allowed to create.

With these requests in mind, we wanted to give people some guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable within our modding community. First we want to remind you of the following, which we encourage you to read carefully: If you do not accept these terms, do not create a mod for use in the game.

While we want to encourage creativity and allow as restriction-free work as possible, we are also required as a business to meet certain targets. This means that we are putting some DLC-related restrictions in place.

global business reports company of heroes

Community created mods cannot grant all pay-for DLC content to users of said mod. Mods cannot grant an entire list of DLC content within one specific category e. The sole intent of a mod cannot be to provide users with DLC content for free.

Mods must be free of any bugs, errors, or other operational defects that could materially affect CoH2 or the Company of Heroes community at large.

Community Engagement

In addition to concerns surrounding DLC, we have also received concerns surrounding the intent behind certain mods. It goes without saying that game mods should be fun for your fellow community members, and offer something that benefits the Company of Heroes community at large.

We want to also offer some detailed guidelines to help players with this: Mods should not be created with the intent to troll or abuse other community members.

Mods should not be created to give players an unfair advantage over those that are using the mod. Mods should not be used to encourage cheating in any way.

Mods cannot include imagery that is banned or illegal in various countries e. Mods cannot include imagery or material that is offensive to Relic Entertainment or the Company of Heroes Brand as determined in our sole discretion.

Aside from these rules, we reserve the right to remove mods that we feel violate the positive spirit and intent behind what our modding community sets out to do.

We will review reports on a case by case basis, and if it does not obviously fall within the violations above, we will ask ourselves the following: What does this mod offer to our community?

Does this mod offer a negative experience to those that use it? Does this mod potentially damage Sega or Relic business interests? Does this mod go against the spirit of our modding community?Public Heroes Business Insurance Business Models Entering Global Markets Entering New Businesses Inc.

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