Henry v shakespeare essay

When he was doing the play 'Henry V' queen Elizabeth the 1st was on the throne Like Henry she was a strong and powerful leader an excellent ruler of England but she spent a lot of time at war with the French and the Spanish. Shakespeare's version of Henry V was so influenced on the audience which made them wish they could of fort for Henry in the great battle of Agincourt.

Henry v shakespeare essay

True to that promise, Hal becomes the perfect English king, a true representative of all of his people, one who understands his own vices and virtues and those of his citizens. His youthful escapades have taught him a deep understanding of the human nature of the citizens he must rule, making him wise beyond his years.

His effective spy system ferrets out traitors, whom he disposes of swiftly and violently. His earlier experiences help him distinguish loyal subjects and good soldiers from the disloyal and incompetent; in act 4, scene 1, he rejects flattery but values blunt honesty.

Henry v shakespeare essay

Moreover, he surrounds himself with good advisers whose advice he follows. He is generous to friends and supporters, rewards loyalty, and in his St. Above all, Henry V is flexible, able to be a king in war and a king in peace and capable of gentle mercy as well as harsh justice.

His leniency to enemy villagers wins their hearts, but he is merciless to French captives who broke the rules of war, killing English baggage boys. The opening action demonstrates Machiavellian policy consummately managed.

As a new, untried king with a youthful reputation for riotous living, Henry V must secure his throne, extend his power, and improve his reputation while he still has youth, vigor, and political support.

The quickest, most effective way to achieve these ends is to do as his father advised: The attack on France will be a holy war, fully backed by holy church and legal precedent: Here, Henry V effectively employs Machiavellian strategies; his forceful rhetoric demonstrates good policy and good kingship.

His warning to Harfleur, for example, paints such a grim picture of death and destruction, of raped maidens and skewered infants, that fearful town officials surrender peacefully. Shakespeare carefully avoids mentioning the main historical reason for victory, the fact that the English battle tactic of employing foot soldiers with long bows was superior to the medieval French tactic of employing single armored knights to wage hand-to-hand combat.

Henry v shakespeare essay

He chooses instead to attribute the victory to a glorious English king whose rhetoric and personal valor were able to inspire common men to brave deeds against impossible odds. It also demonstrates what a hero king can bring to England: Henry does not bargain away what was gained in the field but stays firm.

He shows another facet of his rhetoric and understanding of psychology when he adopts the appealing role of a blunt solider, unused to wooing, to win a hesitant princess who does not wish to be forced into a loveless political marriage.

The problem set by the tetralogy that Henry V concludes is how to legitimate this line of English monarchs. Richard II, the rightful king, was deposed by Henry IV, calling into question the ideology of divine right upon which the monarchy is founded.

Shakespeare spends these four plays transitioning from the legitimate Richard, through the usurper, Henry IV, to the relegitimated Henry V. Elizabethan audiences were meant to understand that the qualities and blessings of Henry V had been passed on to Elizabeth by right of birth. Moreover, Henry V provides a model of good kingship: A good king uses whatever tools are available to attain order, harmony, peace, and prosperity, for good ends justify the means.Shakespeare's Presentation of Henry V Essay Words | 8 Pages.

Shakespeare's Presentation of Henry V During the course of the play we are shown many different sides of Henry, the most prominent in my opinion being that he is a great leader but ruthless. Essay about The Irony Depicted in Shakespeare's Henry V Words | 7 Pages.

The Irony Depicted in Shakespeare's Henry V As Norman Rabkin has observed, Henry V is a play which organizes critics into "rival camps" of interpretation (35). Henry V study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a .

Essays and criticism on William Shakespeare's Henry V - Suggested Essay Topics. The style of the prologue to Act 3 of Shakespeare’s play Henry V might be described in a number of ways.

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Suggested Essay Topics. ashio-midori.com contemporary critics are uneasy with Henry V because they feel it glorifies war and imperialism. They note that when the play was produced during the World War II era, it was easily turned into patriotic propaganda.

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