How to write a counter proposal for redundancy payments

To meet the challenges of the future, it will be vital that the care and support system intervenes early to support individuals, helps people retain or regain their skills and confidence, and prevents need or delays deterioration wherever possible. This guidance sets out how local authorities should go about fulfilling their responsibilities, both individually and in partnership with other local organisations, communities, and people themselves. In considering how to give effect to their responsibilities, local authorities should consider the range of options available, and how those different approaches could support the needs of their local communities.

How to write a counter proposal for redundancy payments

Writing a Counter Offer Letter (with Sample) Employment law is a highly specialised area and you should only act or refrain from acting after receiving full professional advice on the facts of your particular case. This article is for general information and does not constitute investment advice.
6+ Sample Counterproposal Letters | Sample Templates Redundancies — how to avoid costly mistakes Predictions of recession and a slew of announcements of downsizing by the construction, financial and property sectors mean that companies are having to deal with making large numbers of staff redundant in order to cut costs. According to industry estimates, 10, permanent jobs in the construction industry alone have been lost so far this year and given the gloomy outlook, this figure is likely to increase substantially.
Writing a Debt Settlement Counter Offer Letter (with Sample) Whole of government Accounts WGA Question 3 Are you able to provide additional information in relation to instances of rehiring shortly after redundancy that would be relevant to this consultation? Assessment While provisions exist or are being negotiated in some workforces for recovering exit payments on rehiring, the government is concerned about the limited breadth over which such provisions apply.
What's New Tweet Visionstream contract loss raises redundancy fears News that Visionstream will not retain its current contract with Telstra for pit remediation has raised fears of redundancies in the company.

Search How to make an employee redundant It is never easy letting staff go, but sometimes the needs of the business demand that staff costs be reduced or different structures be put in place to achieve the aims of the business.

As the employer, you are entitled to have a firm proposal in mind before consulting with staff about a decision that may affect their ongoing employment.

Nevertheless, it cannot be fixed until after you have discussed it with the employee and considered whether there are alternatives to making them redundant.

Employees must be given a genuine opportunity to affect your final decision, which means that they must have access to the information that you are relying on to ground your proposal.

how to write a counter proposal for redundancy payments

Furthermore, they must have the opportunity to meet with you, in order to discuss the proposal for change and to raise alternatives to the proposal, or other ideas for retaining their employment.

The following is a suggested process you can follow to ensure you deal with the affected employee s fairly. Naturally, this summary cannot cover every circumstance that may eventuate. So if you get stuck, seek specific legal advice for your situation.

Crucially, the letter must explain the position s you are proposing to make redundant and the reasons why the proposal is being made. The key points that need to be included in this letter are: If relevant, enclose with your letter any information that supports your view of why the proposal is necessary; what will happen to the affected employees if the proposal proceeds i.

Give as much time as possible between the point when you provide the letter to the employee and the moment you meet with them to get their feedback — the more time you can give an employee, the greater the likelihood their feedback will be constructive.

I recommend an interval of at least three working days; and that you have not a made a final decision about whether to proceed with the proposal. You should emphasise that you will not be making a final decision until you have heard from them and considered their feedback. At this first meeting, read through the letter you have drafted outlining the redundancy proposal as if it was your script.

You may not read the letter word for word, but use it to guide you through the key points. Then give the employee a copy of the letter. Answer any general questions that the employee may have, but do not allow the employee to start giving you their feedback at this point.

If they do that, cut them off and say that you do not want to hear from them until they have had time to consider the proposal and can meet you at the second meeting when they will have a support person with them.

The key thing to emphasise at this meeting is that you are only making a proposal and that you want to hear from them before you make any final decisions about whether to proceed with the proposal. Try to listen actively, taking notes and asking questions of the employee where necessary if you need to clarify something.

But remember the emphasis of this meeting is to hear what the employee has to say about the proposal and any alternatives they may have in mind. Once the employee has said all they want to say, close off the meeting by thanking them for their views.

Tell them that you are now going to take some time to consider if what they have said will affect your views on whether the proposal should proceed. Does anything they said in their feedback change your views on whether to proceed with your proposal?

Using the Care Act guidance

Has the employee identified any alternative roles that you could accommodate so that they remain employed?

If you reject any suggestions made by the employee, you must have fair and reasonable grounds for doing so.Visionstream contract loss raises redundancy fears. News that Visionstream will not retain its current contract with Telstra for pit remediation has raised fears of redundancies in the company.

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The word will then be highlighted in yellow where every. Redundancies – how to avoid costly mistakes. It is not sufficient for the employer simply to explain its proposals and listen to any counter-proposals.

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Visionstream contract loss raises redundancy fears