Importance of independence

Independence is a requirement for leading your own life. How can you make decisions if every action you take has to be filtered through other people first? Independence means that you add at least as much value back as you take from every transaction. Debt is Dependency When you build a debt with another person, you lose your independence.

Importance of independence

In a market economy, everyone lives by trade. This does not make independence impracticable. This means either producing it directly, or indirectly by creating something that someone else wants.

Dependence, in this case, would mean relying on charity or favors from friends or family.

A History of Independence Day

Or worse, theft in the form of direct stealing from others, or indirect theft through benefits by government. Independence is not only applicable to production, though. Life requires man to act in order to achieve his values.

This requires the proper use of judgment to not only pick the right values, but to understand the best way of achieving them.


It makes it impossible to build off of them to achieve better understanding. This is the area where independence is most critical. The degree to which one abandons his intellectual independence is the degree to which he is helpless to act. The degree to which he cannot pursue his own life and values.

Another area where independence is useful is in social interaction. When dealing with friends or strangers, one needs to earn the benefit of the interaction.

Importance of independence

To default on this is to accept a reward without cause. Nothing is ever free, though. By accepting the unearned, a man loses his grasp of what it means to earn something. He loses his assurance of his own self-efficacy.Final Rule: Revision of the Commission's Auditor Independence Requirements SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION 17 CFR Parts and [Release Nos.

; ; ; IC; IA; FR;. The Importance Of Being Independent. By Ashley Fern. June 6 The ability to be independent is something that not everyone possesses.

Debt is Dependency

You need to be independent in order to survive in the. The Importance of Independence. Home┬╗ Budgeting┬╗ The Importance of Independence. Previous Next. View Larger Image; There are many reasons to choose an independent financial planner, not the least of which is their ability to prioritize your well-being over their earnings.

Contact an. On February 8, , President Bush signed the Deficit Reduction Act of into law. Due to the time delay between the writing of and the printing of this publication, this legislation was listed as pending on page The value of independence is that it makes you a human being.

Dependency requires lowering yourself to a lesser animal, becoming a slave to the people around you. When you have independence, I believe the next step is to encourage the independence of others. Think your own thoughts, live your own life, and help others to do the same.

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