Memo john and jane smith

Introduced as an ardent feministSarah Jane sneaks aboard the TARDIS and becomes embroiled in a battle against a militaristic alien Sontaran in the Middle Ages who is kidnapping scientists from the present day.

Memo john and jane smith

After answering a long questionnaire, Stan is informed that he is extremely depressed and therefore a perfect candidate for Scientology. Back home, Stan asks his parents for the money. His father suggests that he use the money he had been saving for a bicycle. Stan pays the Scientologists and is taken into an auditing room where an attendant reads his " thetan levels" using an " E-meter ".

Stan has such a high reading that the Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles is notified. There, the president of Scientology determines that Stan's high reading makes him a reincarnation of L.

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Ron HubbardScientology's founder and prophet. The president of Scientology arrives in a helicopter and talks with Stan's parents. They are opposed to Stan's participation, but the president informs them that "we're not asking him to join us; we're asking him to lead us".

Randy sends Stan to his room, where he finds Tom Cruise waiting. Cruise asks him whether Stan has enjoyed his acting. When "Hubbard" replies that his acting is okay but not as good as others' such as Leonardo DiCaprio or the Napoleon Dynamite guyTom hears that he is "a failure in the eyes of the prophet" and locks himself in Stan's closet.

Kelly to " come out of the closet ". Travolta and Kelly eventually join Cruise in the closet. Downstairs, the church president tries to convince Stan's parents to allow their son to participate.

He tells to Stan the great secret behind the church — a condensed version of the story of Xenuaccording to the Scientology Operating Thetan III document. He then begs Stan to continue writing where "L.

Stan is impressed by the story and shows his writings to the president who initially approves of the work. Stan suggests that "to really be a church, you can't charge money to help", to which the president admits to Stan that the church is in reality a global money-making scam.

He asks that Stan continue with that in mind. Stan appears to agree and keeps writing. Outside the house, the president introduces Stan to his followers, where he will read parts of his new doctrine.

Memo john and jane smith

However, instead of presenting it to them, Stan states that he is not the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, and that "Scientology is just a big fat global scam". The Scientologists and celebrities in the closet are angry and threaten to sue Stan. Stan dares them to sue, and the episode ends.View the profiles of people named John Jane Smith.

Join Facebook to connect with John Jane Smith and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. John is a teacher, and Jane is a physi­cian. If you know them well, address it to John and Jane Doe, or Jane and John Doe. However, if the let­ter is for­mal, list sthem on sep­a­rate lines when the wife alone has a spe­cial title.

John is a teacher, and Jane is a physi­cian. If you know them well, address it to John and Jane Doe, or Jane and John Doe.

However, if the let­ter is for­mal, list sthem on . John and Jane Smith addressing the issues presented. Prepare a three page memo (at least words per page) to John and Jane Smith addressing whether the issues presented above: 1. John Smith's tax issues: Issue a) How is the $, treated for purposes of federal tax income?

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Applicable Law & Analysis: According to the tax code, Section 61(a) of the Internal Revenue Code defines gross income as income from whatever source derived, including (but not limited to) “compensation for services, Including fees, commissions. We are having this very discussion at our organization and it had been suggested to set the addressee to "John and Jane Smith" and then the salutation to "Mr.

and Mrs. Smith".

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In light of this discussion, I am favoring the "Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Smith" or if their last names are different "Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Jones-Smith".

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