Natureview farm background analysis and problem

Natureview Farm is an 11 year old company, it mainly manufactures and markets refrigerated cup yogurt. Natureview Farm produces such yogurt which is applicable for all ages due to its creamy, unique and smooth texture. It has three product lines namely 8 oz. Multi pack for children.

Natureview farm background analysis and problem

Lacks potential of taking higher risks and costs as well Strengths Unique, smooth and creamy texture of yoghurt No artificial thickners used Accumulation of cash by Horizon from IPO Being dropped out of traditional channel Opportunities Higher average shelf life of 50 days Strong relationships with leading natural foods retailers High quality and great taste Analysis of Strategic Options- The company has three options in front and needs to adopt one of them to meet its revenue related goals.

Option 1- The first option is to expand six SKUs of the 8-oz. The three options available to the company have their own importance and benefits. But, the options available also have some limitations attached to them. We will analyze the options one by one in detail using qualitative economic model.

In the first option, the company is to expand six SKUs of the 8-oz. The option is feasible as 8-oz is the best selling cup size of the company exhibit 2. This option has great potential of business but involves risks and higher costs.

This option also has many advantages but there is a big doubt weather new users would try the brand with this multi-use size. For third option multi pack product need to be developed.

Analysis of Natureview Farm's operating environment and its internal capabilities

The three options available require different costs to be incurred on marketing and advertisement expenditures. The three available strategic options as proposed by different heads of the company would also have different results in the form of sales and earnings.

The balanced scorecard is a performance management system that keeps a check whether there is an aalignment between the large scale objectives and the smaller scale operational activities of a company that too on terms of sight and smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and scheme.

The balanced scorecard proposes the four general perspectives- Financial perspective- The financial perspective keeps a check weather the strategies implemented and applied by the company are contributing to the bottom-line improvement of the company.

Key performance indicators of this perspective are the cash flow statement; return on fund invested; financial result; return on capital employed and return on equity. These key performance indicators would decide weather the strategy implemented by Natureview Farm is beneficial for the company and is providing contribution in the financial improvement of the company.

Customer perspective- The customer perspective measures the value that is provided to the customer like time, quality, performance and service, and cost by the organization to satisfy customers to generate more sales and revenues.

It also measures the results of this value proposition to the customer like customer satisfaction, market share etc. Internal process perspective- This internal process perspective deals with the complete processes that actually create and deliver the value proposition to the customer.

Its main focus is to provide the value to the customers both productively and efficiently. The key performance indicators are number of activities; opportunity success rate; accident ratios; overall equipment effectiveness.

These performance indicators would measure the efficiency of strategy implemented and applied by Natureview Farm Company. Innovation and learning perspective- The innovation and learning perspective keeps its focus mainly on the internal skills and capabilities that are required to support internal processes of value creation.

It deals with the human capital; information capital and the organizational capital of the company and provides foundation in the strategy development. The strategy is developed on the basis of internal skills and capabilities.Natureview Farm: Background Analysis and Problem Statement Natureview Farm Case Eric Ice Mktg Nov 10th, Background Analysis Founded in , Natureview Farm manufacturers and markets refrigerated cup yogurt under the Natureview Farm brand name.

It just over 10 years, the company’s revenues have growth from $, in to over. Company Background Established in , Natureview Farm is a small yogurt manufacturer which emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and a special process that gave the yogurt its unique smooth, creamy texture without the artificial thickeners which produces high quality yogurt.

Natureview Farms Calculations NatureView Farm Problem statement In the beginning of , Natureview Farm is challenged to grow its revenues by over 50% by end of , from 13 to 20 million USD To achieve the target, Natureview has to take the strategic decision whether to enter the supermarket channel, which would impact every aspect of its business or to stay with its traditional.

Natureview Farm Case Eric Ice Mktg Nov 10th, Background Analysis Founded in , Natureview Farm manufacturers and markets refrigerated . NATUREVIEW FARM, INC. CASE WRITE-UP I.

Natureview farm background analysis and problem

Address Who You Are and Who You Are Writing To This analysis is provided by the members of the marketing team at Natureview Farm, Inc., on behalf of Christine Walker, Vice President of Marketing. NATUREVIEW FARM. No description by Mouja Twisterius on 24 May Tweet. Comments (0) Company background and issues Natureview's products Market trend for organic product Market trend for yogurt product Supermarket Channel Analysis Competitor’s Segmentation Strategic Options SWOT Analysis OPTION 1 Option 1 OPTION 2 Option 2.

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