Photosysthesis lab

The light-dependent reactions Video transcript Let's talk about one of the most important biological processes. Frankly, if this process didn't occur, we probably wouldn't have life on Earth, and I wouldn't be making this video for you, because there'd be no place for me to actually get food. And the process is called photosynthesis. And you're probably reasonably familiar with the idea.

Photosysthesis lab

However, it was not due to the closeness of the lamp but to the amount of time under it. Also, the plant was heated up towards the end and it gave results, even though the distance between the plant and lamp was greater.

Some possible mistakes that could have occurred during this experiment can include the following: Miscalculating the distance between the Elodea plant and the light source. Putting in too much water. Putting in too much sodium bicarbonate.

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Elodea plant may be dry or not developed. Water may have been contaminated Leaving the Elodea plant in too long or too little Not cutting the Elodea plant correctly Conclusion: It was not exact to the results given, therefore I marked it incorrect.

It was only due to time, not distance. It is true that if we left the lamp in a position of 5cm distance, same result could have been given faster.

Yet the experiment gave out the 3 minute interval rule. During the experiment, I learned the role of Sodium Bicarbonate and that photosynthesis can happen very quickly.

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Choose Type of service.Photosynthesis Lab - Elodea and Bromothymol Blue; SB3 a,b Green plants use sunlight to make glucose.

To do so, the plant must use carbon dioxide and. Photosynthesis Lab Two weeks ago, my group members and I conducted a lab dealing with the topic of Photosynthesis.

Photosysthesis lab

We tested the impact of different colored light on the rate of photosynthesis . Photosynthesis Lab Summary. Use a light sensor and absolute pressure sensor to measure the change in light and pressure in an aquatic ecosystem as an Elodea or other aquatic plant undergoes photosynthesis.

A simple lab experiment uses simple materials: scissors, glass jars, coffee filters, and acetone. Students cut up two or three large leaves (which need not be green). Mix the leaf pieces in . View Lab Report - lab 4 plant pigments and from BIOL at American University of Beirut.

Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis Adapted from J. Smith by A. Lyman-Buttler Overview In. Hypothesis: The leaf disks placed in the water solution with sodium bicarbonate will float to the top faster and in a higher quantity because the sodium bicarbonate will serve as a source of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

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