Promote the wellbeing and resilience of

October 12, The factors that influence the well being of children and young people.

Promote the wellbeing and resilience of

How do you promote wellbeing at work? Besides your many options for managing employee healthcareHR can also take a more holistic approach to promoting workplace wellness. You can start here.

Promote the wellbeing and resilience of

Why promote health and wellbeing? There are other benefits too, including: Greater staff motivation, flexibility, and retention - employees who feel looked after by their employer may be more committed to your organisation Improved psychological wellbeing — which can result in a reduction in workplace stress and associated absence, as well as more positive feelings about work Better customer outcomes — Healthier, happier staff are likely to offer better customer experiences Avoiding a backlash Be aware, though — research shows programmes must be perceived as genuine in their intent to support employee wellbeing.

Staff might respond negatively if they feel HR is simply trying to get more work out of them Simplyhealth Wellbeing is a broad term.

Physical wellbeing Personal values, such as self-confidence and resilience Attitudes to work, such as having a sense of purpose or job satisfaction Personal development at work All of these can affect employee performance, and any might be the focus of measures to promote health and wellbeing at work.

The extent of your wellbeing programme may depend on finances and management support, but it could include any of the following elements.

Promoting emotional wellbeing Why is emotional wellbeing above physical?

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Because the most commonly offered wellbeing benefits are access to counselling and employee assistance programmes CIPD Training in relaxation techniques, conflict resolution, anger management, or work-life balance Corporate social responsibility activities such as community projects or volunteering Promoting physical wellbeing Physical health is still important too.

Initiatives and benefits you can use to promote physical wellbeing include: Exercise programmes such as outdoor activities, team sports, exercise groups or gym memberships Improving workplace safety through training, safe equipment and safe practices Healthier working environments, such as ergonomic work areas Offering health benefits such as private healthcare Wellbeing through personal and career development When employee wellbeing is linked to job performance, it can also be boosted by improving job satisfaction and attitudes to work.

Initiatives might aim to enhance: Career development through training, mentoring, coaching, or promotion opportunities Personal development through activities to promote traits such as resilience, respect, team working, and assertiveness Inclusiveness of employees from diverse cultures through equal opportunities or recognising different religious beliefs Related articles Managing Employee Healthcare FREE employment law advice for businesses Request your free call back now to speak to our HR experts.

Get your employment law questions answered today.Analyse effective ways of promoting wellbeing and resilience in the work setting: eg encouraging children and young people to take part in physical activity or sport, develop hobbies and interests, group activities, discussion groups, promote independence, recognition of choices.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Jessica Jameson, a professor of communication at NC State.

Promote the wellbeing and resilience of

Universities are grappling with ways to help their students address a host of mental health challenges, many of which are linked to stress. Promote the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children and Young People explain the factors that influence the wellbeing of children and young people There are many factors that influence the wellbeing of children and young people.

Free Essay: Promote the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children and Young People explain the factors that influence the wellbeing of children and young.

Promote the well-being and resilience of children and young people Essay Sample. 1. Understand the importance of promoting positive well-being and resilience of children and young people. Factors that influence well-being of children and young people are: •Attachment Attachments are formed in the very earliest months and years of life.

How can communities promote resilience and wellbeing? Beyond teachers and schools, the broader community plays a role in promoting and developing resilience in children and young people. Studies have shown that a caring relationship with even one adult – such as a parent, grandparent, teacher, sporting coach – can enhance.

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