Short essay on pakistan day celebration

The religious significance of Diwali varies regionally within India. The festival is associated with a diversity of deities, traditions, and symbolism.

Short essay on pakistan day celebration

The National museum Karachi arranged a special exhibition in connection with the Pakistan Day. This day is indeed one of the most important days in the history of our country.

Short essay on pakistan day celebration

Energy crisis or Load Shedding of Electricity in the town. The people of Karachi know it very well that Karachi has become a city of problems.

All these problems go together to make the life of Karachi ties very difficult. Perhaps the most serious of these is what we may call energy crisis there have been an acute shortage of electricity in our city during the last ten years.

As a result the load shedding has become unavoidable. In fact the whole country has fallen a victim into this menace. But the situation is worst at Karachi and with the passage of time the duration of load shedding has greatly increased. Generally we have to pass six to twelve hours without electricity every day.

Load shedding is the basic problem which gives rise to many other problems. People cannot sleep at night when the temperature is at its peak. The business of shopkeepers is also hampered particularly the people working on computers and owners of photo state shops are the worst sufferers.

During the darkness the criminals get a free hand and there is an alarming increase in crimes during load shedding. The patients in the hospitals also have to suffer as all the hospitals do not have generators or ups, so it is clear that everybody living in Karachi has to undergo great difficulties.

Promises in the reduction in the duration of load shedding are never fulfilled so the problem remains as it was years ago. The Book I like Most. The Holy Quran is my favorite book. It is most often read and memorized and the most influential book in the world from literary point of view.

Holy Quran is considered as the specimen of purest Arabic.

Short essay on pakistan day celebration

It is a master piece of Arabic language and literature. The Quran is guidance for the whole humanity. It is essentially a code of human conduct.

It covers all the aspects of human life. It offers guidance to those who seek it. It also defines the causes of decline of the nation. It prompts man to be practical in his daily life. Its importance is recognizes even by the non-Muslims. Its teachings are practically rational.

The knowledge in the Holy Quran is not merely knowledge of religious affairs but also the knowledge of physical and other phenomenon of life.

By the grace of Al-mighty Allah, I have memorized many surahs with their Urdu translation. Holy Quran is the book which gives me guidance about both the worlds.

It tells us what reward we can get if we do good deeds.India Independence Day. India's Independence Day "At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.

A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new India discovers herself again." - Jawaharlal Nehru After more than two hundred years of British rule, India finally won back its freedom on 15th August, Best 23 March Pakistan Resolution Day Speech in English urdu quotes and essay on wikipedia.

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Pakistan day is also prominent as the Pakistan resolution day and Lahore resolution day. Pakistan Day Celebration 14th August The date 14th of august from calendar marks as a day of happiness and celebration in south Asia sub-continanetal. it is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan, which known as one of the biggest Muslim state of the world.

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