The circuits of humanity essay

There are many footnote references, in most cases referring both to particular pages in one edition of Capital and also to the location of a reference within a chapter.

The circuits of humanity essay

Codrin PO Humanity today is regressing. Whatever steps we take forward, they take us back as human beings. We live in a world that, although it has borders, it is limitless.

People can travel anywhere, see anything, experience every feeling that ever existed, but we are not satisfied. And we applauded them.

People can worship any god, can praise the energy of nature that inspire them without feeling threatened or scared.

The circuits of humanity essay

It is the first time in history when people are not blamed for their beliefs. And we fought for this. But we now try to take this away from the people. We shut our minds from knowing more about the people around us, their thoughts and beliefs. And we blame them for being different.

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We live in a world that is capable of printing out tridimensional copies of almost any object. But, in the same world, million people go to bed each night hungry. We live in a world torn between technological progress and human regress where we move forward just through our inventions, but not through our understanding of each other.


We live in a world that has never been such at peace as it is today. And we then wonder why children start shooting their colleagues. We live in a world that has invented the telephone, internet, social media so that people can communicate easier.

But we have never felt so alone and out-of-touch as we do today. Hidden behind the screens of our computers, tablets, Smartphones, we feel alienated from what the world has to offer. We have stopped looking at nature a long time ago and we have started destroying it without thinking about the consequences.

We live in a world that prides itself through the work of geniuses. Their work is promoted in order to inspire and enliven us, to guide and help us realize our full potential.

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But we ridicule them, treat them as pariahs of the society. And we let mediocrity rule the way our lives turn out.

We live in a world that gives birth to great leaders. But we let ourselves be ruled by a small group of politicians that take the vote of many and make it insignificant.

And we continue to support them considering that we have no alternative. We live in a world that has created beautiful music, inspiring literature and breathtaking sceneries.

But we continue to spend our days trapped behind a desk eight hours a day, dreaming of things that we could do differently in our lives instead of doing those things. But we never walk down the path that could lead to those dreams becoming reality.

We live in a world that holds both beauty and uglinessboth joy and sorrow. We live in a world where not every person thinks alike and where this freedom of thought makes us happy. We live in a world that shows us small miracles each day, either through the beauty of nature or through the beauty of those walking through our lives.

We live in a limitless world, which has granted us the right to be free and equal and has given us the opportunity to learn from one another. It tried to teach us the differences between us and the fact that they make us equal, not tear us apart.

It has tried to teach us what is important in the world and what is the right thing to fight for in our lives.Habitat for Humanity: Strategy, Effectiveness, and Strategic Outlook - Habitat for Humanity International Inc.

is a (c)3 Christian nonprofit organization centered in Americus, Georgia that constructs and repairs houses throughout the world for low-income families.  Case Circuit Board Corporation Background/Introduction Circuit Board Corporation creates and manufactures printed circuit boards.

The founder, the late Dieter Adams had started Circuit Board Corporation in , were the computer industry was in its introductory stages. ZEIT DEC1 Lab Report 1 DC Circuits - Analysis and Design Alexander Glover, z Abstract DC circuit analysis and design, play a massive role in electrical engineering and without the correct application of theory and practise in unison, nothing can be achieved in a true engineering sense.

Engineering requires theory to develop and test constraints while also requiring practical application of . Humanity has come a long way in terms of technology and shows no sign of halting the advancement anytime soon. Society now has phones with the same functions as .

Strictly speaking, this is the circuit of industrial capital, which, as Marx says, ‘is the only mode of existence of capital in which not only the appropriation of surplus-value, or surplus-product, but simultaneously its creation is a function of capital’.

As they grow tougher, more mobile, and more intelligent, today’s robots are doing more and more of the things that humans can’t or don’t want to do and in many cases taking away the need for human labor.

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