Video games and the youth of

How did this industry gain so much ground? Where did it start? Shortly after the North-American Video Game Crash of —a massive recession that hit the industry— the Nintendo Entertainment System induced a resurgence in popularity that has only continued to grow Cesarone,

Video games and the youth of

Games today simulate reality in massive user-generated worlds. Players chat by voice or text with people around the globe. Virtual characters work for gold, get married, become sick, and even host religious gatherings.

Psychologically, games allow players to avoid real life while engaging and even succeeding in a semi-real fantasy world. Video games are pervasive among youth culture. Learning which type of game your patients are playing is a great way to build rapport.

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Recently I saw a boy who had huge fights with his parents about turning off his game after school. After learning more, I convinced him to play an older style game which you can turn off easily after school, and a more interactive game later, which led to less conflict and better grades.

The online, collaborative aspect of modern games is what makes them so interesting, insidious, and addictive. In the past, kids could spend hours playing a game, press pause to eat dinner, and then return to the game without missing a beat. Part of the appeal of these games can be explained by the classic New Yorker cartoon: The socially phobic girl might find that she can make friends more easily online than in school, even if she keeps the same personality—or she might prefer to wander the virtual world by herself.

The link between video games and violence is unclear. There is a sense that violent video games could desensitize kids to violence, but there is no conclusive evidence that links video games with major violence, partly because major acts of violence are so rare Ferguson CJ et al, J Youth Adolescence ;42 1: However you look at it, video games can be just one of many factors in real world violence.

For medicolegal reasons, if your patient is spending hours playing games, it is worth asking whether they are violent shooting games. Gaming Addiction In terms of understanding and treating video game addiction, the United States is behind Asia.

Video games and the youth of

Asian awareness of video game addiction stems from two main factors. First, there were a series of high profile deaths connected to gaming, including a couple that took care of a virtual infant while their real infant starved to death, and a man who refused medical attention for shortness of breath because he did not want to stop playing.

Second, in Asia, these games are typically played in Internet cafes—in comparison to the United States, where home computer usage is the norm—so video game addicts are more visible in public.

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In Asia, therapists tend to screen for internet addiction as part of the initial assessment, making that a specific treatment focus. Not aggressively screening for and treating video game addiction is a mistake on our part.

Our patients were born with technology integrated into their lives. For many of them, it may not be strange to develop a simulated character at the expense of their own character.Thanks, day one updates, I didn’t want to play my games on release day anyway.

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The Impact of Video Games. A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that youth age 8 to 18 devote seven-and-a-half hours a day to entertainment media.

Less than half of the kids surveyed said their parents have rules about the shows and games they can watch or play. The potential influence of violent video games on youth violence remains an issue of concern for psychologists, policymakers and the general public. Although several prospective studies of video game violence effects have been conducted, none have.

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