What was it that made nazism so attractive to ordinary germans from the outset

The conclusion of the book, which was much influenced by the Milgram experiment on obedience, was that the men of Unit were not demons or Nazi fanatics but ordinary middle-aged men of working-class background from Hamburgwho had been drafted but found unfit for military duty. In the course of the murderous Operation Reinhardthese men were ordered to round up Jews, and if there was not enough room for them on the trains, to shoot them.

What was it that made nazism so attractive to ordinary germans from the outset

Adolf Hitler is considered to be perhaps the most villainous man of the twentieth century. His vile and ruthless deeds are common knowledge. In fact, the name Hitler has now become synonymous with evil.

What many often forget, however, is that Hitler was not only a coldblooded tyrant but that also a brilliant persuader of men. He personally oversaw the deaths of millions of people, including the near extermination of the Jewish race while maintaining the full support of the German people.

What was it that made nazism so attractive to ordinary germans from the outset

The entire German population was certainly not as heartless and cruel as Hitler was, so it stands to reason that Hitler must have been a masterful propagandist in order to persuade the Germans that his policies were necessary and just.

However, one must remember that Hitler was not born the cruel, vicious tyrant that he became. His life was governed by both his choices and his life experiences, so it is important to examine these along with his persuasive method to gain a comprehensive understanding of why he used his gift of persuasion in the way that he did.

Hitler during World War I. Can you identify him? His father, who died inwas an Austrian customs official whom young Adolf quickly learned to fear. His mother, whom he loved very much, died four years later in Adolf dropped out of high school and moved to Vienna, hoping to become an artist.

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Vienna at this time was very nationalistic, and it was here that Hitler came into contact with the Christian Socialist Party, which espoused anti-Semitic ideas and favored the lower-middle class.

He agreed with these ideas and began to thoroughly despise Jews and by extension Marxism, which he believed to be a Jewish concept. Although he had previously been classified as physically unfit for military service by the Austrian government, once war had been declared in he immediately volunteered for the German army.

He was injured during the war and received the prestigious Iron Cross, First Class in recognition of his bravery Craig et al.

He had found his niche. Nevertheless, in July Hitler was made party leader and began to hold weekly meetings, during which he gave speeches that were eventually attended by thousands of people, including several men who would eventually become infamous Nazi leaders.

After he was released from prison, Hitler reestablished himself in the Nazi party and eventually ran for president in Although he lost, he received over thirty-five percent of the votes and was appointed to the chancellorship in Hitler quickly gained more power; following the death of the president the following year, he assumed the presidency in addition to the chancellorship, giving him absolute power.

Thus, Hitler became a dictator. Adolf Hitler Source Hitler the Dictator As dictator, Hitler began systematically taking away civil rights and removing his opposition. He primarily made general policies that he left to his subordinates to carry out. In order to be sure that none of them would attempt a coup against him, he gave them overlapping spheres of power and authority so that they would fight amongst themselves and so that none of them would ever gain enough power to usurp him.

Having left the detailed domestic policy to his advisors, Hitler focused principally on foreign policy. He used his incredible skill for being able to intuit the mood of others and the ability to use those observations to manipulate people for his own benefit.

He was able to negotiate the annexation of the Rhineland and Czechoslovakia into Germany without firing a single shot.by Marvin Zuckerman. RECENTLY, A FRIEND ASKED me the following question: Why were the Nazis so successful in exterminating six million European Jews?.

I was dismayed by the attitude displayed with this question, but I gave him a simple, quick answer: A heavily armed superior force can do what it will with an unarmed civilian . Start studying The Fall of the Weimar Republic and the Rise of Nazism. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

How did "total war" affect the lives of ordinary Germans? People just wanted extreme change; Weimar was weakened, so parties could just go in and kick them out. Jul 28,  · What is fascism and why did it seem so attractive to Italians, Germans, and other Europeans?

Follow. 6 answers 6. As to why it was so attractive to the Italians, Germans and other Europeans of the first half of the 20th Century -- the political leaders of the time turned the peoples' fear and angst regarding the financial crisis Status: Resolved.

A new book documents the ordinary lives of Germans caught in a country and century marked by regime change, economic catastrophe, and war. Even so, there were one or two tantalizing hints that Hitler's personal appeal outstripped that of the Nazi regime itself, and even more so of the Party.

In , he returned to Germany to find out what had made Nazism possible. In They Thought They Were Free, Mayer decided to focus on ten people, different in many respects but with one characteristic in common: they had all been members of the Nazi Party.

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