William paterson university essay question

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William paterson university essay question

Yet little is known about his family background or pre-college years. However, it is now generally accepted that he was born in Northern Ireland, probably Antrim, on December 24, and that two years later he was brought to British America by his father, Richard Paterson.

By the elder Paterson had established a successful general store on the main thoroughfare of "Princetown," directly opposite the future Nassau Hall, the main building of the College of New Jersey now Princeton University.

As state attorney-general during the American Revolution, constitution-maker, U. Senator, New Jersey Governor, and Supreme Court Justice, Paterson played a significant and respected role in the events that brought the United States into existence and that early work gave shape to its institutions.

Valuable and lasting contributions were made to the basic American concepts of constitutionalism, federalism and judicial review. Paterson was very definitely a product of his class and times. He accepted as working principles the validity of the social contract and the sovereignty of the people.

Although his ideas were typical of those held by men of property and position, his conservatism was balanced by a liberal respect for liberty and justice. When the revolutionary struggle reached New Jersey, he unhesitatingly supported the cause of independence.

However, once the war for independence had been won and the principles of popular sovereignty and limited government had been achieved, his efforts, along with other leading Federalists, concentrated on establishing and maintaining a government that would at the same time secure the rights of man and the rights of property.

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For Paterson the post war factionalism and apparent disrespect for tradition and law would lead to unchecked liberty, legislative tyranny, and a threat to property.

Liberty for him meant "rational liberty" - liberty within the confines of law, order, and peaceful progress. Though the New Jersey Plan, which he introduced at the Convention to counter the more nationalistic Virginia Plan, championed the cause of state sovereignty, it recognized the need for enlarged and independent powers for the central government.

However, once state equality in the Senate became a fact he gave full support to the finished product of the Convention, including an independent federal judiciary and the supremacy of acts of Congress and of treaties.

Thus the new national government was given the means of self-preservation and, in the long run, the power of political dominance. With the ratification of the Federal Constitution, Paterson became one of the strongest supporters of constitutional and national supremacy.

Senator he helped frame, laid the foundations for the authority of the federal courts, and in its appellate provisions, implied judicial power over state legislation. In effect, the national government was empowered to define its own scope of constitutional authority.

But it was as a U. In the VanHorne case Paterson insisted that the new constitution "is the form of government, delineated by the mighty hand of the people, in which certain first principles of fundamental laws are established.

All acts not in harmony with this permanent and fixed fundamental law were consequently unconstitutional and void.

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Madison opinion was a clear and unequivocal enunciation of the doctrine of judicial review. In other opinions Justice Paterson upheld the Hamilton view of federal taxing powers and the idea of national supremacy in the area of foreign affairs.

Paterson always maintained strong ties with New Jersey and the college at Princeton. His was always a voice for tradition and continuity, respect for government and its leaders, and law. What may be said of William Paterson as a political leader? Although not an especially original thinker, he was still an able and conscientious representative of his class and party.

If on occasion he displayed a fear of unchecked popular government, he, nevertheless, gave full and constant support - and in times of danger - to those ideals on which the American republic is founded: His sometimes distrust of democracy came from a fear of the potential tyranny of the majority and the resultant threat to those cherished conservative concepts of stability, order, and property rights.

To Paterson these ideals were intertwined with those essential liberties that formed the foundation on which the American nation had been erected.

William paterson university essay question

For Paterson the struggle was not for liberty or law, but, rather, for liberty under law.This essay delves deeply into the origins of the Vietnam War, critiques U.S.

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